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What is an Open Air Photo Booth?

Open-air booths are a set area of your event with a backdrop, professional lighting and a photographer where atendees can have their photo taken.


Open air booths offer

  • More comfortable  space

  • Professional lighting

  • Real photographers   

  • Great entertainment

  • Custom Backgrounds

  • Accomodates large group photos

Pocket- Portraits- Indoor- Photo -Booth

Is a an Open Air Photo booth better than Mechanical Photo Booth?

We offer the best qualities of a traditional photo booth with a professional photographer. The photographer assists patrons with their pose for the best result and inspires creativity in your patrons. This is a personalized and fun experience for your event that a machine cannot provide.


What types of events are suitable for a Pocket Portraits Photo Booth?

Any event can have a successful photo booth experience. Weddings, anniversaries, birthdays (all ages), showers, graduations, family reunions, Christmas parties, new years, corporate parties, product launches, red carpet and more.


Are photos printed on site?

Yes, we print photos on site .  Guests receive their prints in a beautiful card frame.


What type of prints do you offer?

Our prints are 4" by 6" lab quality prints and not the flimsy photo booth strips.  Our photos will last a lifetime and can print a custom design or logo right on the photo.  


Do I get digital files?

Yes, digital files are included in your package.


Is this considered as entertainment for my guests?

Yes, It's so much fun!  It's like hiring a performer or magician, we provide entertainment for your guests but with the added benefit of giving your guests a takeaway keepsake they will treasure.


How much space does a booth need?

A comfortable space for a booth would be 15' x 15' which will include the shooting area and printing station.  A 10 ft by 10 ft will suffice for a booth booked for digital only delivery.  We suggest that you plan to place your booth in a central location that your guests can easily access and also look on at all the fun.  Space needs to be securely covered and have access to electricity. 


What do I need to provide?

  • A 15'x 15' sheltered area

  • Tables

  • Chairs


What does it cost to have a Pocket Portraits Photo Booth at my next event?

Our service is booked by the hour. During the time of booking shots are unlimited, one print per shot. Included in your package are: backgrounds, lighting, props, photographer, prints, frames and digital delivery. Quotations can be requested here.


How do I make a booking?

Call or email us your dates and times and we will pencil you in until confirmed.  Early bookings are recommended to secure your booth. Confirmation is made upon a 50% non-refundable deposit; the balance is due on day of the event


Can I speak to someone for advice for my package choice?
Yes, contact us here. We will gladly guide you to the most suitable package for your event.


Can this service be included in our promotions and sponsorship proposals?

Yes, for tips and guides on how Pocket Portraits can be used commercially please visit our corporate page.


I would like to use my own props, is this ok?
Yes, if you have your props that you would like added to the shoot you are welcome to make the addition.

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