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Maximize exposure with this unique marketing tool to help build your brand.  How does it work?  Pocket Portraits will set up a Photo Op area tailored to suit your event. Guests will be invited to participate free of charge and must visit your website, Facebook/Instagram page to view or download their images.  These images will be watermarked with your event or company's logo to maximize visibility. This helps drive traffic to your website and social media pages unlike any other method. 



Sponsors love seeing their brands being shown off.  Keep them happy by adding their brand to the list of sponsors for the Photo Op area, they can share the cost making this a win-win.  We can help you find creative ways to add sponsors and customize your Photo Op area.



Everybody loves taking photos, it's seems to be an obsession!  Give the people what they want, make them feel like celebrities and keep 'em coming back for more. Happy patrons will share your (ahem) sorry, their images and give you more exposure than George Clooney's new girlfriend! 

Happy Customers 

means repeat business


Band launches, Product Launches, Company Sports Days, Award Ceremonies, Product Promotions, and Carnival Fetes.



  • Cost effective way to drive traffic to Facebook , Instagram or website

  • Attract sponsors to your event

  • Maximize exposure opportunities

  • Entertainment attraction for patrons

  • Customizable

  • Happy patrons = Repeat business

Take your events to the next level with a Photo Op area from Pocket Portraits

Your Own

Red Carpet Event

FAQ - Your Questions Answered

How much space do I need?

A comfortable space for a single Photo Op area is 15' x 15'. 


How is the booth booked?

Booking is by the hour with a minimum of one and a

half hours. This includes - unlimited shots, background, props, lighting,

photographer, digital delivery and instant prints.


What type of prints do you do?

Our prints are lab quality 4" by 6"  and are great for events where you

give your guests a gift or keepsake from the event.  Guests receive

prints in a beautiful card jacket.





































How many images can be done in an hour?

For digital only we can create between 200  images in a single hour.  For print and digital, we can produce between up to 125 images in an hour.


Can I have multiple booths?

Yes, depending on the number of patrons at the event and the number of sponsors you secure, it may be desirable to have  multiple booths.  An additional booth may be added provided the first booth has been booked for at least 5 hours.


Must I have custom made backgrounds?

No.  You may select from our range of existing backgrounds and customize with signage or props. If you or your sponsors can provide your personalized backgrounds, perhaps with screened logos, that is certainly most desirable.  Sometimes a small set is desired, we can liaise with our partners to assist with decorating or designing of backgrounds at an additional cost.  Our on staff graphic designer can build your background for printing.

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